Luna Lain - Foot Slave Training Part 1

You're back for more training and we are going to focus on crushing your spirit. Do you see this tiny little man in my hands? He represents all of your hopes and dreams but he will disappear by the end of the week. You will not be able to win against me, your Goddess. This pipsqueak can't fight against my fingers as they press hard against his spine. Your pleas for mercy fall on deaf ears because you can't resist a Goddess like me. There is no way you can escape my training because I will hunt you down and squash you under my large feet. You are mesmerized by my words and have lost any desire to leave. All of your resistance is trampled out of you as I squash the will to fight back. If he doesn't behave I can crush him under my ass. It's so easy to bounce up and down on him with my perfect butt.

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 Luna Lain - Foot Slave Training Part 1 Jerk off me

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