Natashas Bedroom - Chastity Contract

Chastity is one of the most exciting forms of power exchange in the world of femdom. It’s such a direct form of control, so physical and so real. All you have to do is look down at your encaged dick to see proof of who owns you. It’s the thrill of having no choice but to obey my total control, even when the initial rush subsides and the desire to escape your dick prison sets in. Even when you’re begging, powerless and weak, for just one second of freedom.
You and I are going to come to a little agreement about your dick today. I’m imposing a chastity sentence on you, one that will not be a choice, but a contractual obligation. I decide the length of your denial. I determine the penalties of non-compliance, and I lay out the duties you must fulfill during your contract period. You write out the words I dictate, sign the contract, and submit it to me.
The contract is now in action. These words bind you to me. The cage slides on. The lock snaps shut…
And now I’m going to make you regret this decision. So much flesh, so much teasing, my panties slide off and you nearly explode into that cage. You really want out now, don’t you? But it’s too late to back out. You’ve signed away your dick to me.

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Natashas Bedroom - Chastity Contract Jerk off me

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