Mistress Lola Ruin - Self facial punishment

I know exactly what you have been up to lately. I’ve found out that you have been going to sex clubs and I know you have been attending bukkake parties in particular. What a disgusting little pervert you are, attending those parties behind My back and then lying to Me about it. I bet you love being the center of attention and having all those hot loads land on you, don’t you? Well, I have thought of the perfect punishment for you to pay for these transgressions… I am going to have you position yourself against a wall, your legs stretched back over your head so that your cock directly above your mouth, and then I am going to instruct you to blow your own load right in your face. Of course, I want you to be super frustrated before then, so let’s give you a set of 3 edgings with long gaps in between, the perfect opportunity for you to mull over what a dirty pervert you are. I am going to count you down each time, and then on your final countdown I want you to cum all over your own slutty face… (This clip was a ‘Custom Request’. No name is mentioned)

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Mistress Lola Ruin - Self facial punishment Jerk off me

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