Goddess JessiBelle - Sissy Pansy Boy

I know for a fact that you were born to be weak, you were born with a purpose and that purpose is to be entertainment for women. Women that are all better and stronger than you. You are a weak and pathetic sissy bitch. No one knew if you were a born or a girl when you were little. Growing up didn’t help you, you were a sissy from the moment you took your first breath. People mistake you for a woman all of the time, don’t they? Sissies like you are entertainment. I bet everyone looks at you and think you must really love cocks. You’re a nancy boy and have always been soft. You can have long hair and know you look like a woman. Embrace it! Let’s give you a nice, girly name! You look like girl anyway! Might as well accept it.

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Goddess JessiBelle - Sissy Pansy Boy Jerk off me

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