Natasha's Bedroom - Do You Want To Be Unlocked?

Do you want to be unlocked? I have your chastity key right here, and all it would take is a little twist of my hand to let you free. That poor imprisoned cock is just stiff and aching as it strains against the cold metal of your cage.
Maybe I will let you out. Maybe I’ll free you for one quick cum milking. Or maybe I will take out that dick and use it as my own personal sex toy. Get down on your knees and try to convince me. Beg.
Just kidding! I’m only teasing; there’s no chastity reprieve for you today. You agreed to this. You chose to hand over total cock control to me, and there’s no going back. It is denial for you, for as long as I want.
I like to watch you suffer sexual frustration. It turns me on to have absolute power over the most intimate part of your body, and the more you suffer, the wetter my pussy becomes. I am won’t let you out for a single stroke. But I will make you want it even more. I’m going to tease that locked up cock and aching blue balls until oblivion. Until you can’t take another second.

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Natasha's Bedroom - Do You Want To Be Unlocked? Jerk off me

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