Princess Amber - Shoe Shopping With The Alpha Couple

When I first heard of “shoe shopping slaves” and cuckolding and alpha couples and stuff I just thought it was weird ... but I was like “hey, free shoes”... but that’s actually the best kinda girl, isn’t it... one that couldn’t give a rats ass about you... drain your wallet and fuckin forgets about you? Hahahaha

The first time I took a slave shoe shopping I had my boyfriend there too and luckily he pushed you around and bullied the fuck outta you cuz that’s what actually turned me on and got me into all this cuckolding. How’s it fuckin feel that a alpha MAN is responsible for your ability to pay me, huh cuckie!

The truth is, sex with him is so fuckin fun right after I see him push a wimp around! It makes me wanna suck his big manly dick for hours! And when he flips me over and fucks me, it’s such an extra turn on knowing that he can push wimps around. It makes him even more manly!

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