Crystal Knight - Seduced Into Chastity

There’s something so erotic about the power I have over your orgasms. Teasing you without stroking can be so enlightening. You can learn so much from edging to my body without touching your cock. You belong in that cage and I’m going to show you why it is going to be your new best friend. Seduction is a we-a-pon and I know how to use it well. You can’t say no your Goddess when I demand you click the lock shut. My body takes you into subspace, my words guide you into the most tormenting hard-on of your life, and my voice makes you want to stay here forever. Look into my eyes, there is no resisting. You could never say no to me. Let the fun begin as I seduce you into a chastity addict forever for me.

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Crystal Knight - Seduced Into Chastity Jerk off me

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