Candy Glitter - Sissy Virgins Need Chastity

Have you ever had sex or are you a virgin? That’s what I thought. That little virgin clit fits so nicely under those panties. But for some reason, you still think that it’s appropriate to play with it whenever you want. You think you can touch that clitty whenever you want. You don’t actually believe that to be true, right? You must realize that sissies don’t deserve orgasms. You’re a virgin for a reason. If you were meant to be able to express your sexuality whenever you wanted, you wouldn’t be a virgin sissy wearing panties to cover your clit – you would be a MAN fucking a pussy right now. But you’re not. You are a virgin sissy bitch, and it’s time to lock that clitty up. You need to be put in your place and reminded of just how pathetic you are. You don’t deserve to have control over your clit.

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Candy Glitter - Sissy Virgins Need Chastity Jerk off me

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