Eva de Vil - Toughen Up, Wimp

I’m your teacher who’s sick of seeing you get bullied. But instead of coming to your defense or punishing your cruel classmates, I inform you that if you don’t start showing some backbone, I’ll beat you up myself!

I show off my strong, feminine biceps as I tell you that I want to toughen you up. You are a wimp and it’s pathetic. Your whimpering at the back of the class is so annoying. I’m gonna turn you into a man in my own way. I take sadistic pleasure in recounting the awful things your bullies do to you. Wedgies and swirlies! Exactly what I would’ve done to you at their age.

I’ll make you worship my muscles and armpits before I beat you up. There’s nothing you can do about it because I’m your teacher and no one will believe your ludicrous allegations if you try to tell on me. Your embarrassing boner won’t make me take pity on you either!

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Jerk off me

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