Bratty Bunny - Chastity Challenge

This is the clip where you set the rules for my sexual future. You make it very clear that there will be no other sexual activity I m allowed to ever. I don’t deserve any pleasure, only you deserve pleasure & I have 2 suffer and i should be happy that you’re so generous to even allow me to try to cum every week. So the basic rules are: – I have to be in chastity for 24/7, but i will get the chance 2 cum every week, but only under your conditions – Besides that you want me in a constant state of arousal, so it gets not too easy. Therefore you set a minimum amount of time i have to watch videos of you every day while wearing my chastity belt, but I’m not allowed to even touch my belt or cock at all. But I may choose one day in the week, where I may touch my genitals, but I still have to wear my chastity belt.

MP4 * 167 MB * 00:05:58 * 960x540

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