Natasha's Bedroom - Wimp

I know your type. You're a WIMP! You are a wimpy little beta weakling. I used to bully boys like you on the playgr0und, inviting the other popular girls over to spit in your face and give you wedgies, before handing you over to the alpha boys for a beatdown. Nothing has changed, has it? You're still a wimp, and I'm a bigger bully than ever before.

You're trembling in anticipation of the abuse. How pathetic! You're supposed to be a man, and I'm just a hot girl in sexy lingerie. You're more bitch than man.

I shove you down to the ground, right where a wimp deserves to be. My verbal abuse pierces right through you, cruel and unrelenting. You're forced to suck on my dirty socks and degrade yourself in whatever ways I mockingly command.

And then comes the beatdown. Are you such a WIMP that a GIRL can beat you up? Haha!

I told you I'm a bigger bully than ever before, and now I'm proving it to you, wimpy wimp. Are those tears streaming down your face? Good! Your wimpy tears just make me MEANER.

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 Natasha's Bedroom - Wimp

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