Young Goddess Kim - Interview with the Boss

You've been looking for a new secretary. None of the interviewees have lived up to Your standards. I'm sent for an interview. As the boss You are, You are dressed executively to convey Your position, heavy makeup and the silver heels from "A Slave's Delight" You explain that the job is basically following all Your instructions, serving You at all times! You started the interview behind Your desk further away, but now You get up and sit down on my armrest, close to me. You explain more in detail what Your needs are, for this position. The most important part of the service job, is making all of Your heels real shiny - before every new customer. Then of course running errands and everything else You say.

You sternly order me down on my knees for some initial. practical "on-the-job training" as You say "I must now also see how you perform, how shiny you can make them". I do so, and also following Your orders of lots of sucking of the spikes... The most important parts of this clip - is likely You talking dominantly into the camera (POV) and close-up of Your shiny heels and high spikes. I'm down there sucking Your heels, for a longer time. You inspect carefully how well I've now performed my job, how silver heels are. You will continuously closely look at Your heels and grade my work...

The next part the clip is 8.30 am, in Your office. My first day on the job as Your little secretary bitch. You enter Your office. Pretty soon You order me to my knees. As you say "now for the most important part of the job, as I expect My first customer now at 9." After I have, on my knees, being ordered to lick Your red patent heels real shiny for a long time, I´m once again sternly told to suck Your sharp heel in and out. You suddenly go to a drawer, and come back quickly. Under Your skirt I soon notice what could be a strap-on bulging. After slowly taking it out, from under Your skirt: Lots of teasing and playing with it Yourself, before You laughingly force it into my mouth.

When You're through "test-driving" my mouth, You sternly order me to lie on my stomach, face-down on the sofa backrest. You first play with the strap-on behind my bum. When You are satisfied with the ass, You again inspect Your red heels and my work... As I stand up, newly-penetrated by Your strap.on, on wobbly legs, You on the other hand just walk wonderfully in your high heels, sitting down to check once last check if Your new office bitch done a good job shining Your lovely heels...

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Young Goddess Kim - Interview with the Boss

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