Goddess Jasmine - Chastity Challenge

It's what you need, what you ache for isn't it, that constant control. 24/7 surveillance of your worthless little cock. A way you can be really moulded into the perfect, obedient slave. A way you can show your sheer devotion and gratitude to me. To have your limp dick locked away would be a huge privilege to a weak dumbass like yourself. It would give you meaning and encourage you to work to the best of your potential for your owner.

You want to be mentally destroyed by my teasing, physically in agony by my curves. You want your balls to be blue and you are desperate to be controlled in every single aspect of your sorry little existence. I am your life and I own every single part of you. You will become my zombie, you will be well and truly conditioned to a true sub for Goddess Jasmine. You will wait on my every whim and beg for your vulnerability to be taken complete advantage of.

How long can you stay locked up huh?

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Goddess Jasmine - Chastity Challenge

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