I hate my teacher! It's about damn time I took these matters into my own hands!

Sydney is complaining about you, her professor - how you're always trying to say she doesn't show up to class and doesn't do enough work - she's tired of it! On top of that she's seen how you leer at her and her friends, so gross! Now today, she's finally confronting you and there will be hell to pay!

She's decked out in a hot leather body suit, meant to disarm you and it looks like it's working. She's now telling you how awful of a teacher you are, how she's tired of your attitude and if you don't give her and her friends straight A's then she will go right now to the main office and destroy your reputation! She's seen how you look at her and her friends are all willing to back her up. You know you have no chance! You'll have to agree to her terms.

Of course, that's not all. Unfortunately for you, your student Sydney is enjoying her new control over you and begins making you do really embarrassing tasks like wearing her bra on your head, kissing her ass and even stuffing your mouth with her used panties. How do you like them now, Professor?? Gag on those panties!

Looks like you're in for a long tenure at the hands of your sadistic student Sydney!

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