Mina Thorne - Mind Control: Chastity Panties

It’s not enough that I control your mind and the ups and downs of your cock. When I say that I want you to remain chaste and deny yourself, I have many tools in my arsenal to ensure that you stay obedient and denied. Chastity cages can often get in the way of daily life, but my mental programming provides two layers of control to ensure that even without the physical cage, you will be unable to give in to your dirty desires. The first lays control over your mind, rendering you unable to stroke, unable to cum, a powerful mental chastity that will render you obedient and chaste. The second layer empowers a simple pair of panties, panties that you will wear 24/7 that will function as your chastity device. As the panties slip on and my control takes hold, you find you cannot be without them, for that would be disobedient and you would do anything to please me. Two layers of chastity control will ensure that you stay completely denied.

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