Eva De Vil - Stamping on Wish and All His Little Friends

I’m a bratty giantess and you’re nothing but insignificant pieces of fluff, shouting about your “human rights” and giving me a headache. You’d better hush your clan of protesters before I get really annoyed. You should be grateful that you have someone gracious like me supervising you because there are some giants out here that really hate your guts.

But you just don’t listen! You keep antagonizing me so I threaten you with my feet, showing you how easily I could squeeze and obliterate you. Your followers get the message pretty quickly after they start getting hurt. They’re afraid and finally showing me some respect, like you should be.

It doesn’t stop there. I smoosh every one of your little friends until you’re the only one left, yelling your head off as if any giant cares. You’re just a piece of dirt clogging the pores of my perfect, giant world and society needs to be cleansed of your kind. I put you in my shoe and just like that you’re gone. Bye bye, Wish! Good riddance to ant people. No one will even notice you’re gone!

MP4 * 696 MB * 00:20:46 * 1920x1080

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