Princess Amber, LexiChase11 - Foot Peasant - Full Season 1

Episode 1
The new foot peasant has arrived at Valentine Villa. His week is starting out in the most humiliating way we could think of... as a human doormat!
Bonus Footage Included.

Episode 2
See... when your a new slave here at Valentine Villa, you might just find yourself scrubbing the floors and getting spit on for our profit, haha. He's here for a week and we're not even done with his first day yet! hahahaha.

Episode 3
It's still the first day of our visiting slave at Valentine Villa and his treat is simply getting to see us walking and posing! That's it! Hahahaha.

Episode 4
At the end of the first day at Valentine Villa, the slave gets to be humiliated one last time as we drag him out of his area under the stairs and proceed to humiliate him for some more video profits. This time we make him lick the spit off the floor and directly off the bottoms of our shoes!

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