Kendi Olsen - Ive Always Wanted A Sissy Boyfriend

Let’s not act like this comes as a surprise to you. Did you really think when you got into a relationship with me, that things would be totally normal? That I’d be your pretty little girlfriend and you’d be my macho boyfriend and we’d live happily ever after? Really? You thought you would date a femdomme and things would be totally normal? That’s funny, because that’s not what I had in mind for you. I think deep down you know what I really wanted you for. I mean, come on. We both know you’re a closet homo. A lil faggot. You’ve been waiting for someone just like me to turn you out. Its not like you and I were ever going to be having sex LOL. The thought of your dick inside me disgusts me. You weren’t made for women anyways. Your asshole was made to be a boy pussy. You were made to be used by all my hot guy friends while I get to watch. You were made to be whored out while I get to sit back and collect the cash. THAT’S the kind of girlfriend I want to be. That’s the kind of boyfriend I want you to be- just a sissified faggot!

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