Leena Fox - Hole Control

That pathetic excuse of a dick has been caged for all of Locktober. Freedom is SO CLOSE, that you can almost taste it. Just a couple more days and your chastity sentence is over. Well, for some of you anyways… Regardless of your release date, the fact remains, you are MINE, and I do what I want with you. I love getting you fucked up and sniffing. There is just something about watching you go into a sniff induced tail spin that really does it for me. With every inhale you get sluttier, more horny, and more willing than ever. There is nothing you won’t do for me once I get you this h*gh and horny. I am going to have my p*ppers addicted whore sucking and fucking like a good slut. You are going to do it exactly as I say because you are a dr*gged up bitch with no self esteem and I am your p o p p e r s Queen who rules your caged dick and your battered junkie brain.

MP4 * 1.18 GB * 00:15:53 * 1920x1080

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