Mistress Alana - Face sitting and extreme sm0ther!ng POV

Custom Request – *True closeups are not shown in preview!* Hello Goddess, I would LOVE an ALL REVERSE ASS SMOTHERING POV video. (My face being the camera) – NO NUDITY Attire: Thong (Hot Pink/Red/Blue) and any top you feel is best Scenario: This is the first of many so I’ll keep it simple. You Love sitting on subs faces, smothering them to test their limits and their worthiness to be your Ass Worshiping Slave. . . The rest I’ll leave up to you Please show your BEAUTIFUL SEXY FACE in a short intro while telling me what you’re going to do. Please do EXTREME CLOSE UPS (Fill the entire screen so I feel like your Ass is covering my whole face :-)) Please focus on your ASSH*LE (not P%SSY) at center screen so my nose is pressed right against it.(Again Absolutely NO NUDITY; just the spot where your [email protected] meets your thong) Please increase from 30 – 45 secs intervals with the LAST being 1 min 30 secs (Simply, SMOTHER me until I pass out). Wiggle/Grind your DELICIOUS CHEEKS a little while sitting on my face so my nose gets buried deeper in your ASS. Please Add some humiliation like teasing/giggling as I struggle to get air. Improv any dialogue you see fit. Mmmmmmm!! What a way to go! I’m excited just thinking of this. THANK YOU!! – Forever Your seat “FACE” cushion.

MP4 * 817 MB * 00:05:47 * 1920x1080

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