Dominant Princess - On Your Knees Slave, Worship My Boots

I love it when you’re on your knees for Me and thats how I want you today! I want you down below, looking up and Me and worshipping Me in My sexy leather boots. You’re gonna kiss them, lick them, smell that delicious leather, you’re gonna show Me just how much you love My boots. Its such a treat to see Me in them so its a good day for you today!

I look so sexy as I tower above you in My bratty and dominant way! My hot boots in your face will feel so good. Your lips pressed against My soles, literally worshipping the ground I walk on! The leather feels so good to touch and I know you’d love run your hands up and down the soft leather, lets see how good you are at worshipping them first shall we! I want lots of licking from you, so you’ll stick your tongue right out and lick My soles! I know you want to be that boot licking bitch for Me. Lick them however I want them licking, even the gold plate on the backs of My heels, yeah clean them and buff them up! The tops of My boots I want licking too! I know you’re My desperate boot worshipper so you can show Me just how much you’ve missed seeing Me in them today!

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