Princess Miki - Gay Conversion Therapy-Fantasy

ou come to Me, a licensed ther a pist, to discuss your struggles with lack of interest in dating and sex. You’re discouraged and depressed after having suffered so much sexual rejection in your life, and your depression has led to hopelessness.

On top of that, you’ve become consumed by your porn addiction… particularly your for ced bi porn addiction.
I pull up a few photos of hard cocks on My laptop to gauge your reactions to them. I ask you to stand up and show Me the erection in your pants. You’re so hard, and it’s clear to Me that it’s time to deepen your cock addiction.

I explain to you that you are attracted to this type of porn because of your constant rejection and troubles dating women. It’s time to embrace this part of your sexuality, and reject heterosexuality all together.
You are undesirable and sexually useless to women, so it’s time to go “full faggot.” It’s your only chance at having a worthwhile sex life, and it’ll save women the burden of having to deal with your advances.

I encourage you to stroke as I prove My point. I slowly undress, teasing you with My hot, feminine body, and you can’t help but see images of cocks flash in your mind. You’re completely distracted by your gay thoughts. I know this, because I deal with men like you frequently.

As you watch Me, you’re attracted to Me ONLY because I encourage you to imagine Me taking you by the hand to the nearest gloryhole, pushing your head down on an anonymous cock, having you gag on it.

This is all so hot because I was the woman you were supposed to trust… the woman who was supposed to help you rid yourself of this addiction and sexual tendencies. Instead, I want to twist this into a solution for your inadequacies as a man. I’m the representation of everyone you’ve wanted and everyone who has rejected you. It’s all so fitting.

I tease you, taunt you, and humiliate you until you cum to the fact that you were born to be a cock sucking faggot.

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