Natasha's Bedroom - CBT Hazing

YOU are my PAIN BITCH for the next 20 minutes. Look at me, bitch. Shiny latex hugging my curves, sexy sheer stockings reaching down to my pointy heels. Your body is mine to use however I please. I decide when to give you orgasmic joy, and I decide when to make those balls bust into excruciating agony. Right now, I’m going to make your jerk off session HURT. I’m going to make you ACHE. I’m going to show you how to submit your cock and balls to suffering, to take it all and beg for more. This is your CBT hazing initiation.

Every second of pain you’ll experience is for a purpose. Suffering is an act of submission, and all good subs must learn to suffer. You’ll follow my instructions, doing what I say even when it hurts. Even when your balls are begging for mercy. Even when you feel like you can’t take another slap or twist. You’ll surrender your whole body to me, and I will make it mine.

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