Eva De Vil – Walkies

Come on, boy! We’re going out! I want to strut around the park in this attention grabbing, tight, shiny catsuit, parading my mutt at my heel. I need to know that you’re embracing your role as my bitch and I want you to feel confident being at my feet at all times.

Of course, I may have one teeny, tiny ulterior motive; we live in a digital age and obviously people are going to take pictures of such a bizarre spectacle. A little easy, viral publicity will be fantastic for my career and it’ll help more lost puppies find their way to me! I’m going to use your public humiliation as my pup to my benefit.

We’ll quickly practice a few orders so that I’m sure you’ll be obedient for me in front of the paparazzi! Good boy. Let’s go!

MP4 * 672 MB * 00:07:28 * 1920x1080

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