Sydney is out taking a walk in her tropical paradise once again and is gathering some of the plenitful fruits and nuts to snack on. She's not even aware that you are watching her, because you've been shrunken so tiny you can easily hide in the grass. Suddenly however she walks towards you and picks you up, thinking you're just another island nut! There's no way out of her grip and she places you with the rest of the nuts.

You end up on the table as she's suddenly realizing you're not a nut, you're a tiny little man! She's amazed at how small you are, she could have easily popped you in her mouth not even realizing you were there! She smells you however and thinks you actually do smell pretty good, and she's still hungry!

There may be no escape for you, tiny one! Where would you go anyway? There's no escape from Goddess Sydney, especially when she wants you as her snack!

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