Goddess Natalie – Special findom mindfuck

Empty your wallet, you pathetic lil slave! You are completely worthless unless you throw your money at me and you know it! Plus you know how much of a pressure it puts on you to have all that money, having to constantly make more, always provide, always prove your manhood through the money you make. It's tiring and stressful, and having a hot woman take it all away and spend it in less than a day makes it all better. Instead of making you panic, it relaxes you, it calms you down and gives you a boner too, on top of that. You need your hormonal high, that high that you can only get from pushing the payment button. So go ahead, do what you know you crave for! Buy this, thank me by adding a markup code and hit the tribute button, too, just to make sure you cum extra super hard today! Make it $1,000 when you tribute, cause I said so ;) chop chop!

MP4 * 562 MB * 00:11:09 * 1904x1088

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