Dommelia - Threatened By Colleague's Sexy Feet

It's so hot outside, I really want to go out and tan but I'm stuck inside finishing this report with you, ugh. I start being sexy, pull down my top and lift up my dress to show you my tan lines (I need to get rid of them before the weekend - duh!) and ask you if you'd finish it for me so I can go outside and sunbath. But to my shock, you say NO! What the hell! Good job I know your secret fetish which will make you do whatever the fuck I say, isn't it? I prop my sexy bare feet on top of the desk in your face, and you instantly get horny which I point out. I confess to knowing all about your fetish, and now you're horny I know you'll do as you're told - and if you were even thinking about saying no, then I'll blackmail you into doing it anyway! You don't want the whole office knowing your secret, do you loser? You're obsessed with my hot sexy feet in sandals, and my sweaty soles under the table. Now, get this report done by the end of the day, I'm going to sunbathe!

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