Stella Liberty - Your Sissy Review

You've sent in your sissy photographs for my review and I must say, you look like a tasty little bitch! The way you pose and show me your sexy little ass along with your stocking-clad legs is quite impressive! However, that little dicklet is pretty pathetic, and certainly doesn't deserve to be called a cock. Instead, it shall be called a clit from here on out and you can only rub it instead of tug it now. Pose like a little princess while you worship my impressively sweet soles and scrumptious white pedicured toes. Lick each and every one while I humiliate you for having a small dick and tiny little balls. The only way you can be useful now is as my foot servant or little foot princess.

MP4 * 484 MB * 00:10:42 * 1920x1080

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