Mistress Taylor Knights – Taylors Sissification Clinic Part 1 of

All you remember is camming with me the day before and me making fun of your small penis. Also the fact that I mentioned something about, "if you were to serve me you would have to be a sissy. You then fall into a nap and wake up... HERE!

In my clinic with Me in front of you. Very groggy- you pinch yourself and wonder if it could be a dream. No this is NOT a dream and YES this is REALLY happening!! I am going to do multiple tests and determine, you are in fact just as a thought.. Ready to be a sissy. There will be so much to come today... Luckily, you will be nicely medicated, and hardly remember a thing...Until you are readyand& wake for your new "Way of life"

Another success coming out of Taylor's Sissification clinic.

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