Goddess Blonde - Kitty Evil Rich Bitch

“You’re a rich, powerful, beautiful, evil, sadistic, psychopathic bitch. You have an insatiable sexual appetite and the thing that turns you on most in the world is **** men and breaking them to your will, turning them into mindless, obedient sex slaves. You find your victims by selling videos online that show you as a generous, sexy domme. When you find a loser with few friends and no **** – someone no one will miss, you use his fetishes and desires against him to break him to your will and make him your devoted slave.”

Goddess Notes: This is a long custom clip in which I was given an expansive script and specific camera angles. There are multiple scenes, outfits, and locations. The fetishes included are: Keeping a slave completely bound, tease and denial, chastity, and complete power and control.

MP4 * 1.47 GB * 01:04:35 * 1910x1080

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