Natashas Bedroom – Serve Me Sub Task

Hey sub, I'm going to put you to use today. Time to serve! You have a task to complete in this clip, and it's something that will please and enrich me. No, this isn't about tributes or gift cards. Of course I love it when you pay me, but there are also other ways that I can exploit you to my benefit. Your time and labor, for example. I can put you to work for me. And that's just what I'm going to do. 
This is a mandatory sub task. Subs are like a little army I can deploy at my will to make myself more successful and happy, and that's just what I'm doing in this clip. Every sub in the army is important, including you. The more of you who do this, the more I benefit. Be a good boy, and do your part. Serve me with your time and labor.

MP4 * 428 MB * 00:10:57 * 1920x1080

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