The Queens - Tenant Blackmail Fantasy MindFuck 6

The next day, I wait until the evening. When you arrive you have a bag with you. You tell me you needed some time to make sure this day will be worth it. Your friend has done a lot of paperwork.. You need more details for the bla.ckmail contracts, so one of you coerces me with her hands and feet into spilling all of the sensitive info on film, making me dumb, horny and vulnerable. The computer student takes mine and my Wife’s shared laptop, starts it up, and begins further installations.

You demand I strip and take my trousers, fetching my wallet.. You take photos of my credit/bank cards, telling me you need to know even more about my finances. You discover another secret bank account via the key logger already installed on my laptop, because I stupidly used it this morning to buy your clips while I waited, as you instructed. You tell me you’ve changed a few things, so I now can’t change my own logins from this account on my laptop anymore. You copy the pictures to my laptop, and transfer it to your server.

Then, you call your friend and demand I tell your friend everything about this account, so that she can approve them. You extract all of my sensitive information. After that, you give me some of the contracts your friend drew up, telling me that if I sign them, a few of your friends can move into the apartments I own for free.

You whisper “you want to sign” with your mouth at my ear, and your hand around my nose, and I automatically sign. The next contract is for the new bank account. You open Skype and call your friend, adjusting one camera so it can record me, the contracts, and my laptop screen. You smirk, telling me that your friend knows some of things that I am ‘planning’ to do with this account are illeeegal.. but I still have no choice, you know I’m going to sign the contracts anyway, you’re mesmerised by Our beautiful hands and irresistible feet. I nod and obey.

You tell me the camera now has ‘proof’ that I plan something illeeegal with that account.. but I shouldn’t be worried. It’s just insurance for you, more leverage, so that if the police ever come sniffing around, it would become my pleasure to be punished instead of you. Any money I had left over, you would take, using for your own investments. The next contract you give me is an air-tight disclosure agreement that allows you to use any footage you have (or will ever have) of me, wherever and whenever you want. You look at me, placing a foot under my nose, and whisper to me “Sign”, and I do, helpless. You smile, “We have to leave now. And you’ll be leaving too. Make sure your wife gets her laptop for work..

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