Princess Violette - Cuckolded Toilet Slave

This clip was a custom. "as bitchy and nasty as you can. shoot 90% video real closeups of your just your face. the beginning will be with your face and bare feet in shot, placing what looks like a wedding ring on your toe. You have me denounce my wife and ****, my marriage to her is null /void as my wedding ring goes on your toe. I vow to be your obedient owned slave, anything for my teen goddess...i kiss you toes/the wedding ring and say i do...(now all closeups of face) You stupid old fool! You will now serve as my cuckold toilet slave for me and my boyfriend! You will now eat his shit as i video call your wife! You vowed anything, and i now own everything you ever had..Video call me wife(closeups of just face pov) Talk to her(being a total bitch) you keep looking over at me, pretend i am following orders of my teen queen... Bow down before my boyfriend...kiss his feet and call him Master..See, your husband is now my owned cuckolded slave.... Watch this bitch, slave, assume the position! on the ground with your mouth open and tongue out! Now beg Master to shit in your mouth..See bitch, your husband is now eating my boyfriends hot steamy shit...lots of description..this is his life now, serving me his teen queen and my boyfriend as our shit eating slave for life...not only do i own him, i own are in my house, get the rugrats and get the fuck out... me a teen girl did this to him..look, you are turned on, perfect! U both will serve as our toilet slaves..."

MP4 * 496 MB * 00:10:05 * 1920x1080

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