Mistress An Li - Aroma Slavery

I love watching you drool over me in my skintight rubber. You're already so easy to control – so malleable and gooey-eyed for me – and I want to see you go deeper and deeper. Full power. Complete submission.

A little bit of chemical persuasion should help with that. A dose of rush deep into your nose as you inhale and fall further into obsession. My helpless little toy.

All you needed was that little push to have my slip this collar and leash on you. And it feels so right, doesn't it? Knowing you belong to me as you control you by leash, teasing you with my shiny rubber and watching your addiction for me grow even greater.

I want to fuck you up and reprogram you into my good rubber pet.

Features: Sensual rubber worship combined with the combination of that brown bottle you love so much. Slave training and teasing to make you feel like mush. My control around your neck in collar and leash. 

Do you want to be a good bitch? Do you want to please me? Show your appreciation for me with mark-up codes at checkout. You know I deserve the best. Make your adoration known with a little extra for me. It's what your [email protected] wants.

MP4 * 148 MB * 00:08:54 * 1920x1080

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