Latex Barbie - Men Belong in Cages

Do you think it is a coincidence that your male appendage fits perfectly inside chastity? It's very easy to find male devices that are quite effective in your denial. In contrast, female devices of quality seem to be almost impossible to find - that's because women should seldom be denied. Women should have all the pleasures in life that they desire - but men and their cocks, were designed to be locked away easily. It's purely evolution. Men should be kept in cages, and on leashes, under the control of women. You need to be domesticated and denied, otherwise constant chronic masturbating will devour your life. In a way, this is way hotter too - if you never cum, the pleasure never ends. When you cum and release the pressure, all your horny feelings go out the window - you delete your accounts, you throw away your sissy panties and sexy toys... how totally idiotic. Just another reason that it's clear - you need to be caged, and stay that way.

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