Sarah DiAvola - SissyRelated Fuck Fest

This is filthy.

Welcome to the most taboo sissy gang-bang, cum-bathing, hole-oozing fuck story you've ever heard. It's vile, it's offensive, it's a masterpiece of filth: Just like you are.

It's difficult to describe the story in detail here, because I don't know where to begin and I want you to be horrified. But if you're terrified of being fully and explicitly used sexually by the people closest to you, as a cum-guzzling meatbag of fuck holes dressed in frilly sissy clothing, this one will hit you right in your dirty SOUL. It will rip you out by the root and shake you to your core.

Let's have fun with our familial slut! All of us! Take turns, fill her sissy holes, make new ones if we have to! We want our sissy slick and slippery with slimy cum. Don't worry, all of the women will be wearing huge strap-on dicks to pound the cum deeper into you and slosh it out when they withdraw. We're going to have to get these carpets cleaned, after this BANGER of a reunion!

If you have ever heard me tell a story, weave a tale, paint a fantasy, you've already put this in your cart before you were finished reading the title. That's how essential my words are to you - no-one can immerse you in a customized story like this until your head is spinning and you lose track of reality, like Sarah DiAvola can. Not a single one.

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