Goddess Angel - Sweat slave

It's only natural that you crave to lick up every single droplet of sweet sweat that slowly drips down my delectable body... You fantasize about catching each droplet of ultimate satisfaction that rolls gently down my soft, yet strong curves. You often dream about it, what would you do to truly get the opportunity... Me at the gym? What a wet dream. My ass in those teeny tiny little gym spandex, my muscles, and the way they glisten in the light after a hot, sweat session... You just can't seem to get enough. This stuff is like a Silly Stuff to you, and you keep coming back for more hits. Don't worry, I'll be your supplier. I'll keep giving you more and more, keep you Intox-Fantasy, so I can take exactly what I want from you. My ass craves more funding, and thats exactly what you're going to do sweat slut As long as you're desperate for my sweat, I'm going to take exactly what I want.

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