Kaidence King - Ballbusting challenges

I walk in wearing a black tank top and shorts with black heels. "Hello. I heard you think men are better than women, is that true?†I laugh at you and tell you how superior girls are. “Those two things between your legs make men so weak, so vulnerable, and I'm going to prove itâ€. I start giving you ballbusting tasks, mocking you as you complain about how much they hurt. I show you how to do the tasks on a dildo, then I do them on my pussy (slapping it with a ruler etc.) to show you how impervious my pussy is to pain. I make you tie a string to your balls and tie the other end to a chair and drag the chair around. I make you tape your balls between your legs and bounce up and down on them on a chair. I strip my outfit off halfway through, wearing a pink bikini underneath. I give you ballbusting JOI, almost allowing you to cum but stopping you before the final release because your weak balls don't deserve it.

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