Mandy Flores - Learning to RESPECT Women

I am A loving yet dominant wife. I walk in and find that you have not helped clean up for my party tonight and you just give me snide remarks about how its easy to be a woman. Getting everything done for me. 'WTF!" I have had enough, its time for you to learn to respect women. To do this you have to have some 'inside' understanding. What does that mean? You will dress and behave as a woman. Yes, even at my party tonight. It will be good to show my friends that I am in charge of the marriage and teach them how they can also take control of their marriages. So here's a bra, panties, dress and cant forget the heel! Put them on! Its that or divorce? You should be thanking me, Im saving our marriage honey. Do be sure you cooperation through this training I will need to take some pictures of you because if you dont behave I will show them to your **** and boss then I'll divorce you. What then!? Good boy! You want to cum for your good behavior!? You have to promise to be good and obey me. Here come on these panties... now you have to clean up those panties with your mouth. You shut up! You just promised you would behave! *tape panties in mouth* Thats better. How does it taste? After tonight hopefully you will have learned your lesson and always respect me!

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