Lindsey Leigh - Pillock Prick Dickheads Cold Shower

In this clip I assign you a new name after you arrive late to our session. You are now "pillock prick dickhead". Your lateness has caused me to be frustrated and angry. I hit you with a glass jug, staple your new name on paper to you, write on your face, knee your balls and demand you take a cold shower while playing with you nipples. I verbally attack and sling insults the whole time. By the end you are shaking and wet in my bathroom where I allow you 10 seconds to cum and get out. I am not nice and I am not forgiving, I am aggressively mean. I send you out in the world to wear your sign and expose your face which reads "pillock prick dickhead" in permanent marker.

MP4 * 294 MB * 00:13:41 * 1920x1080

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