Miss Honey Barefeet - Pin dick Harley turned into a sissy

Harley is a short ass man. No woman could feel comfortable being with a dude shorter than her, especially when he has a pin dick, No surprise he is a virgin. I told Harley he has to give up trying to get girls, and should become a sissy for me instead. Dress up in heels, panties, bras, etc. Fake nails, lashes, even can start taking estrogen pills. He is hardly a man so feminizing should be easy. I'll help Harley to become  a gutter slut sissy as he cant be real woman. But he will need to repay me, so to make up for this he'll be sucking cock, getting fucked and rag dolled by tall strong alpha men. I know a few from the local college team, big strong black guys with massive black cocks. I warn him he might not think he'll like it now, but will definitely become addicted as soon as swallow that first load, and if he don't, well they'll just hold him down. More likely then not though, he'll beg for more, its hard to get those BBCs out of your mind afterward. They'll put money in Harley's pocket to use his faggot holes! This gona be exciting new sissy slave life filled with lots of cocks!

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