Czech Soles - Bunny and Dita - Two footsie girls in bed

Dita adn Bunny lives together as roommates and they even sleep on the same king sized bed. It's quite chilly evening and they are both in bed already with their feet out of the blanket falling asleep probably by now. But they're a bit restless, moving their feet and toes around and showing and unwillingly teasing you with their amazing BIG bare feet. Suddenly Dita wakes up because her feet are cold. And she tries to take Bunny's socks which are not even on her feet properly and she also has two pair on! Good thing is that they both have very big feet so their socks fit each other. Now go back to sleep to let us see you pretty feet again.

MP4 * 335 MB * 00:08:55 * 1920x1080

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