Undersized organ exam

Worried about your erectile dysfunction related to your undersized penis, you booked an appointment with Doctor.

With a soft but commanding voice, she orders you to take off your clothes in order to inspect your defective organ. Her blue nitrile gloves manipulate you while her voice confirms it: you have undersized genitals, your testicles also seem to have a serious growth delay. Her eyes scan your body as she smiles: is she laughing at you and your fear of being dysfunctional?

Then she begins explaining you on sexual behaviors and functions... as she undresses, until only a beautiful lingerie set covers her gorgeous body. "Women are not interested in the size of your penis, because they are not interested in the penis at all", she says. "Only men are obsessed with their penises". She wants you to understand that successful sex lives are based on men worshipping women, and she wants you to start your training right now. Listen, look, and prepare your tongue, you are going to try to prove yourself worthy...

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