Carlie - Conner Jay - Ball Busting Session

You want to jack off for me? Of course you do. But I am not going to let it be easy. If you want to stroke your cock and get that sweet release that you're craving, you will play by my rules. There will be a little...okay maybe a lot...of Torment involved. That's how I feel like playing today. It's going to feel so good jerking it for while following my rules. So I hope your balls are ready for some abuse, because I love to abuse your balls. It would be the greatest if I was there with you right now to kick your balls while you jerk it for me. But since I'm not there, here is what we will do...we are going to make a little ballbusting session game: every time I kick towards you, you will punch yourself in the balls. The intensity of the punches will grow and eventually, you'll get to cum.

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