London Lix - This Hurts Less

It's widely believed that I make 'humiliatrix' clips, but let's be honest - what I do here doesn't hurt all that bad. The silly things I say when mocking you are performative and more fun and sexy than genuinely hurtful. 'Jerk your tiny cock, loser!' and "I'm going to drain your wallet" are flirty things to hear in the context of femdom porn, but they don't really upset you. No...this hurts way less than the hurt caused by genuine, real life rejection. It hurts more to be rejected gently and sweetly by a girl you really like than to have me flip you off or show you a loser symbol. So I'm going to give you a dose of both today; your adventure into REAL psychological humiliation.

MP4 * 289 MB * 00:12:27 * 1920x1080

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