Lalita Lolli – School Girl Brat Says Suck It

You’ve been doing my homework for what now? A year? Ha. I love it. You’ll do whatever I tell you to. You just loveeeee being around me. You love me so so much. I mean….I wouldn’t hang out with you otherwise. You have to be useful for me to keep you around. I only let you sit with me at lunch because you pay. Always friend zoned…and made to pay and serve. Such a nerd. Well….I actually invited you over today because I have something I want to try with you. Something I know none of the jock guys would do for me. But you’re my bitch..and I know you’ll do whatever I want. Have you ever thought about sucking cock before? I want you to suck mine…you said you’d do anything I want after all. I’m going to make you pay me to learn how to suck cock. So stick your tongue out for me, nerd! You’re so lucky I chose you.

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