Lindsey Leigh - Put Your Nose Between My Cheeks

Do you know I've been tanning all day long, and the do you know what the biggest problem with tanning is? It's not my under boob getting too hot and sweaty. It's not my armpits or my feet either. It's these two perfect little holes, my pussy and this asshole, collecting sweat and oil all day. With nothing but this little elastic bikini bottom to cover it up while soaked in all these tanning oils. This Goddess's ass has been baking in the hot sun for hours, and I'm going to use it like the t o r t u r e device it was intended to be for you. I'm going to break you down with the smell of this ass mixed with all of the sweat and oils, break you down to the point where you physically get HUNGRY when you are in the presence of my ass. You love giving into this ass and there is nothing you can do about it. By the end of this clip, I'll have you disgusted with regular air and only craving oxygen I allow you mixed with this ass.

MP4 * 256 MB * 00:10:33 * 1920x1080

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