Mistress Euryale - Testicles Removal Surgery and Stitching on a Respirator

You have entered Vermilion Clinic for a simple surgery. Doctor Euryale, who is in charge of the complete procedure, starts with injecting you with a long syringe. "I can assure you, you will see things differently", she says.

She was right. But in a scary way. The operating room turns slightly blurry and your doctor's behavior gets weirder. She applies a respirator on your face, allowing you to breathe slowly, too slowly. "It will help you to focus on the surgery" she says, while you helplessly fight for air. You will get a tiny amount of oxygen every 6 seconds for the whole procedure.

Now that you can't move, you can't talk, you can't breathe, you understand that this insane doctor is preparing another kind of surgery: a complete castration of your testicles. You can't thing straight a second in this nightmare before you feel and hear the scalpel run on the skin of your scrotum and cut it in the middle, drawing a long incision on your testicles.

You can hear distinctly the noise that the scalpel makes when opening your skin in half, as well as the latex gloves of your doctor digging into your scrotum to grab your testicles, and the long sewing process to close your wound.

Doctor Euryale details at the same time everything she is doing, as she doesn't want you to miss anything: extracting each testicles, cutting the spermatic cords and stitching back this pathetic sack of flesh - slowly... so you can enjoy the pain as much as she does

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