Goddess Natalie - Send waves of pleasure and worship my feet

I know that you cannot possibly take your mind away from my beautiful, long, sexy legs and those wrinkled soles. I know that you've been dreaming of worshiping my feet for a long time now! So today, I want you to do just that!

I want you to worship my high heels and my feet, to give my toes the attention they need, the kisses, the licks, the soft touches and the love they deserve! All while I'm going to tease you with my heels and legs, feeding your addiction to pretty feet!

But I want this to be a lot more real that your usual play-pretend stuff where you just imagine you're here with me and get to adore my feet! I want you to feel it, and I want to feel it, as well! And what better way to do just that than through findom?

The pain of financial domination is so very real and everlasting, but so is the pleasure and joy that come with it! It is the one and only fetish that is so real - you can feel it's effects on you even after you close your browser! And because it's so real, it's like sex!

Every time you press the send button, you feel pleasure, and with that pleasure you also send me waves of arousal. You know that every little tribute from you is like a little touch against my skin, like a soft kiss on my soles, and it gives me nothing but intense sexual pleasure! And that's what I want you to give me today!

I want you to be a good boy and worship my feet the proper way! Make me feel those kisses and touches for real! And as a reward, I will give you a well-deserved footjob! That hot, amazing footjob that you've been dreaming of and craving for....since forever! I want to feel your cock throb, get harder and bigger under the touch of my smooth soles. But first, you'll have to truly earn it, little one!

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