Fallen Feet - My Foot Rest

A nice and long video to hang out at my feet.

My internet is broken and I'm so glad that you can help me fix it! First, you need to check the router. I am so busy that I easily forget that you're doing your thing and I am placing my super dirty and stinky feet on your head, or on your face.

Then you say it's not the router, it's something at the computer and you need to work under the desk. I need to work at the computer too, so I'll have you down there surrounded by my feet who can't seem to find any rest and keep hitting you and your face.

While on a break, I notice how dirty my feet are and immediately start cleaning them with a tissue.. except that, being so focused on working on my phone, I took your slice of bread instead, and start rubbing my dirty soles with it. And the adventure is just getting started....

MP4 * 2.11 GB * 00:29:16 * 1920x1080

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